Tips For Budget and Free Travel – Getting a Good Price For Your Flight

There is so much diversity and varied promotions in the tourism and travel industry that it is quite possible for the savvy traveler to take advantage of budget and free travel opportunities. Because traveling is an important and relatively rare occasion for most people, there is a desire to get the most out of it. Whether it be last minute price drops or carefully planned and researched deals, there are ways to travel at very little cost.

Transportation and lodging costs can be particularly prohibitive to the would-be traveler – especially for students. It is when we are younger, after all, that we are most willing and available to travel the world. Unless you are going for a ‘road’ trip and want to make the moving about an important part of your travel then it would be most advantageous to keep transportation costs as low as possible. Still, it is not necessary to rule out air transportation. Flexibility is one of the main requirements to find cheap and free travel opportunities.

One great way to lower air flights costs is to opt for trajectories with one or more stopovers. Direct flights are almost always more expensive than itineraries with stopovers. It is more of a hassle for the traveler, but depending on the amount of time spent at each stop it can turn into a series of nice opportunities to spend a few hours in foreign cities.

Another good option for saving on air transportation expenses is to look for flights occurring during the low tourism season at your destination. Yes, this would mean that it may not be the best weather possible when you go. But it also means that general prices for tickets will be lower and more deals from the airlines may pop up not to mention that lodging costs and other expenses at your destination will likely be much lower than during the busy season. The place will also be less crowded with tourists.

There is no hard rule when it comes to the timing for booking a flight. Some of the best deals will happen at the very last minute, certainly, but this won’t be convenient or possible for many travelers. If you have a fixed timeframe for your trip then you need to plan and make arrangements in advance. It is advantageous to book the flight yourself and save on the fees from a travel agent. It has become very easy for anyone to find the best deals on the Internet. Learn how to hunt for prices online and get ready to enjoy your trip!

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Inside Track – October Offers For Train Travelers

For most of us, the sun’s hanging just a bit lower in the sky these days. Summer’s well behind us and it’s time to get down to business.

Or not.

Not… because October holds rail potential for travel savings and perks. That makes this the perfect time to take advantage of seasonal train travel savings on BritRail passes… big savings on selected VIA Rail Canada trains… and free travel aboard the Grand Canyon Railway. Great rail deals, too: like an end-of season freebie for Orient-Express passengers… and extra Guest rewards points from Amtrak. Read on…

BritRail Seasonal Savings Trim 20%

Slow season is go season for BritRail; thanks to best-of-year travel savings from mid Autumn until late winter! Go from Lands End to London to Hadrian’s Wall with a BritRail England low season rail pass. Or kick it up and combine England, Scotland and Wales with an all inclusive BritRail Britain low season rail pass. Either way you save an extra 20% off your already value-priced BritRail pass.

For busy itineraries entailing non-stop travel, there’s the day-by-day convenience of a Consecutive rail pass with 3, 4, 8, 15 or 22 days, or 1 month of consecutive travel. For slower paces, Flexipass options let laid back travelers space out 3, 4, 8 or 15 non-consecutive travel days over a 2 month period.

Savings of 20% on BritRail England and BritRail Britain low season rail passes are available for first class or second class train travel (first class limitations apply). Extra 20% savings valid only for travel between 01 November 2009 and 28 February 2010. To order your savings-priced BritRail passes now, visit the website or call 1-800-622-8600 in the USA, 1-800-361-7245 in Canada.

Amtrak Guest Rewards Matches Point for Point

Good news for Amtrak Guest Rewards members: you can earn double points this fall! All train routes and travel classes are eligible so, now through 19 December 2009, your Amtrak Guest Rewards membership entitles you to double points every time you travel with Amtrak. Points are redeemable for travel with Amtrak, Carnival, Continental and more… plus purchases with merchants like Bloomingdale’s, CVS, Barnes & Noble, Red Lobster and Lowe’s.

You can also earn additional points by trading with any of 170 AGR partners including Hertz, Hilton and Telaflora.

To earn double points, you need to be enrolled in the Amtrak Guest Rewards program and registered to participate in the double points offer. To enroll in the AGR program online, and earn an extra 500 points, go to the website. To take advantage of the double points offer, register at the website using registration code 91409; or call 1-800-307-5000, select option 2, and enter the registration code.

Grand Canyon Railway offers Golden Opportunities

The calendar is slipping but its not too late to join the Grand Canyon Railway in celebrating the 50th Anniversary of its vintage diesel locomotives. Born in 1959? Boomers lucky enough to turn 50 before 2009’s close have the opportunity to ride free aboard the Grand Canyon Railway! Married in 1959? Couples celebrating their Golden Anniversaries during 2009 are invited to share a romantic train ride — free of charge — courtesy of the Grand Canyon Railway.

To take advantage of the Grand Canyon Railway’s special 50th Anniversary offer, travel must be completed by 31 December 2009 (Birthday celebrants must travel within seven days of their birth dates). To arrange free train travel for yourself or someone special, call 1-800-843-8724 and use promo code 50 ANNIVERSARY.

Orient-Express Ends the Season in Style

It’s the perfect prelude to a classic journey aboard the world’s most famous luxury train! Book yourself a night aboard the final Orient-Express rail tour of the season and start your holiday with two free nights at the sumptuous four-star Londra Palace Hotel in Venice.

Venice, Verona, Innsbruck, Paris, London: the classic itinerary unfolds aboard splendid Wagons-Lits carriages. Journey highlights include Alpine views at lunch, piano bar before and after a sumptuous four-course dinner, and brunch accompanied by views of the French countryside. The journey’s all-inclusive price includes all table d’hote meals and beverages.

The Orient-Express begins its last rail tour of the season on 02 November 2009. To book your compartment, visit the website — and be sure to use promo code VP2N.

Save 50% to 75% with Express Deals Across Canada

Discover VIA Rail Express Deals, and you’ve tracked down the best rail values in all of Canada. If you’re the spontaneous type: if you can pick up and leave on a moment’s notice or if you’re up for heading out in new directions, VIA Rail Canada’s Express Deals open a world of rail adventure.

Deals change daily: departure and arrival points can range between Vancouver’s west coast cool; the Rocky Mountain’s unspoiled heights; Toronto’s skyscraper caverns; Montreal’s joie de vivre; and Gaspe’s Atlantic shore. Offers can range from next day to 30 or more days in advance. Available traveling classes can include anything from economy coach to sleeper cabins with showers.

To book savings of 50% to 75% on last minute and selected train travel in Canada, visit the Express Deals page on the website and use discount code EXPRESS.

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